Norgine Pharma Hengoed

Norgine Pharma. Increasing capacity to create transformative medicines.

Norgine’s factory in Hengoed Wales has been helping patients enjoy better lives since the 1960s. Our client approached us to help increase Norgine’s manufacturing capacity. A number of rooms were being modified into a clean area, providing a single line to manufacture pharmaceutical products.

We designed and installed a new AHU (Air Handling Unit), which we connected to the existing heating system and served through a new chiller unit. Two years later we were back in Hengoed to install a second AHU adjacent to the original unit, as well as a new chiller unit and chilled water pumping system to cope with the increased demand.

Another happy client and, importantly, more happy patients.

“It’s amazing to think that medicines created in Hengoed help people in so many countries around the world. We still have a lot to offer the life sciences sector”

Rhys Morton