Social and Environmental


We recognise that how we carry out our work has an effect on the community, the environment and our people. And we do all we can to make that effect a positive one. Not because we are obliged to do so, but because that is what we know as right.

‘We are helping to support the communities we work in’

At one with the local community

We work on a wide range of projects in many localities. Wherever we are we do all we can to fit seamlessly into the community, respecting those around us and ensuring any issues are dealt with swiftly and amicably.

This can take many forms, but includes:

  • Making sure our site, facilities and personnel are always presentable
  • Minimising disruption, such as noise, language and traffic
  • Engaging with the local community at every stage so we understand their needs
  • Supporting local causes with resources and labour, such as in community clean-ups and landscaping works for schools and hospitals, as part of our volunteer policy
  • Employing and developing a local skilled workforce
  • Enhancing the local environment so we leave a site as least as good as it was when we arrived

Much of our community responsibility follows the Well-being of Future Generations aims for the United Kingdom and United Nations, which sets down guidance on improving social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being.

Minimising our impact on the environment

Our one-team approach means we look at every aspect of a project with a view to making it more sustainable. To do this, we invest time to understand what is important to the client, and how we can help them achieve it.

Waste reduction is increasingly important in any new project as we make strides towards a circular economy. With that in mind we look to generate less waste by recycling materials wherever possible and using less packaging for deliveries. We are also introducing more efficient processes, such as MMC (Modern Methods of Construction), where we prefabricate and manufacture off site so we can control waste far better.

Of course, because of the business we are in, we are able to introduce cutting edge systems that minimise the consumption of energy, water and emissions over the lifespan of a building. We also put in place procedures to minimise dust, air and water pollution as well as any toxic waste that arises as a by-product of construction.

‘We’re helping to build a more sustainable future for everyone’

Taking care of our people

The procedures we put in place regarding our people go far beyond just providing a safe place to work. In fact, they even stretch outside the workplace as our one-team philosophy includes not just employees, but also clients and our supply chain. All these people can benefit from safety in the workplace, good communication, feedback processes, training, open communication and empowerment.

We are leading members of the 5% Club committing ourselves to taking on a minimum of 5% of our workforce as apprentices and trainees. By creating more ‘earn and learn’ opportunities, we enable people of all backgrounds to train, retrain and upskill, building a workforce of the finest young talent. We are keen to encourage more young women to apply, as part of our diversity and inclusivity programme. As a result, we were delighted to be ‘Highly Commended’ in the first WalesOnline Diversity & Equality Awards.

Among our current workforce we train 10% as Mental Health First Aiders, providing support for any of our team who may need help. We acknowledge, praise and reward our people for their efforts and over the years have introduced a number of reward schemes, such as Health & Safety Star of the Month.

In short, we always go the extra mile to make Whitehead a place of safety, opportunity and achievement.

‘We are building a workforce of the finest young talent’
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