Meet our Network75 students, Josh and Dylan.

26 February 2024

Dylan Williams, and Josh Skelton are both studying at the University of South Wales whilst also working for us here at Whitehead. Network75 is a combined work placement and part-time study route to a degree allowing students to Work, Earn and Learn!

Our Network75 students are able to apply their academic knowledge to real-life work within Whitehead, gaining the necessary skills, experience and qualifications that are highly sought after by industry. 

Meet Dylan:

“From my early days as a Maintenance Engineer at Jungheinrich to my current role as a Trainee Building Services Engineer at Whitehead, my journey through the engineering world has been both diverse and enriching.”

Dylan’s initial foray into engineering began at the age of 18, laying down a solid foundation in the intricacies of maintenance engineering. However, it was his ambition to become a qualified Electrical Engineer that lead him to the unique opportunities presented by Network75.

“My discovery of Network75 came at a pivotal moment, as I sought to expand my horizons and pursue my dream within Electrical Engineering. It was through networking within this program that I encountered Whitehead. This field has proven to be both a challenging and rewarding arena, where I continuously push the boundaries of my comfort zone and expertise.

In my position at Whitehead, I am embracing the dynamism of engineering, rotating through various departments to gain a holistic understanding of the industry. My journey has taken me from estimating major projects to hands-on roles as a Junior Site Manager and a Junior Project Manager. Despite my electrical bias, I have not shied away from delving into the mechanical aspects of the industry, showcasing my adaptability and eagerness to learn.

As I look to the future, my aspirations include moving into Design and CAD/BIM, areas that represent the cutting-edge intersection of technology and engineering. This next step is not just a shift in focus but a leap towards realizing my full potential and contributing significantly to the field of engineering.”

Meet Josh:

“My role here within Whitehead is about experiencing each relevant department of the company to allow me to become a more well -rounded and experienced engineer while also studying at the same time.

I found out about Network75 when I was at college, and we were presented to about it – and the benefits of enrolling on to the training scheme. I liked it, I went through the process of interviewing and was offered a place by Whitehead. The rest is history!”

Josh (pictured on the left in the big boots!) is rotating through roles within Whitehead at present and, currently in the design department about to go out on site to operations.

“It is a great way to learn as new challenges are always presented to us, which we can learn from”.

Tim Lockett, Design manager at Whitehead, who also mentors the Network75 students added:

 “Our Network75 students are a great help to the teams in which they are placed and all the time they’re learning how the business and the industry works.  They’re the future of our business.”

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